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Our Mission

Prime Art Group is a highly skilled artist supportive company, deeply involved in music business, also producing and organizing events, expos or shows. Founders mr. Kim Diamantopoulos (President) & Demos Dravopoulos (Founding Member) are maintaining the best supportive care of most in-demand and every aspect of production & release (audio, video, image-making, book keeping, contacting and contracting with the major record companies in Greece etc.).

Today’s music-making world has only one rule: there are no rules! You can record whatever you want and use it. However, to climb and reach for the top, you need a pro team acting like your everyday supportive base. No matter what type of music you make, you want it to be good music and sound as good as possible. As an artist, you must be well organized and retain a complete professional profile to reach massively other people that enjoy listening to your tracks, from day one.

The goal of Prime Art Group backoffice is to help and support every step of your artistic performances and releases. To understand the next levels of process, making music from beginning to end. So you can create tracks and videos that meet a standard of quality by which we call “good music”, to build a fan base and expand to discography sales. What’s important is that as a member of Prime Art Group you have new tools at your disposal, so it will be easier to construct a quality track, teaser or video that delivers your message as intended and receive greater attention & support from the music business key-people. The basis of Prime Art Group supportive care includes: Songwriting, Arranging, Recording, Editing, Mixing & Mastering and expands to the very critical Video Productions, Image building, Event Organization, Ticket services, Record Label contacting and professional music release procedures. Due to our experience we can track & support each step of your productions with a responsive and very experienced team of lawyers and consultants, all close partners of Prime Art Group.

Also, Prime Art Group is efficiently involved with high fidelity & high end home audio presentations and expos, running the #1 audiophile e-magazine in Greece & Cyprus called www.hiendnews.gr. Reviewing, updating with the latest news and advertising the greatest home audio products is one of our daily goals.

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